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What Is A Class Action Lawsuit?

Imagine you took out a loan to purchase a car and without your knowledge or approval, the lender added a costly car insurance premium on top of
your loan charges. It might not be economical to file a lawsuit to recover a few hundred dollars for that illegal loan. And even if you did file a lawsuit, the bank might not care because the small claim value will never get their attention. But if you represent hundreds of other wronged people, suddenly the case has significant value, and the bank stands up and takes notice. This type of case is called a class action, and it is used to overcome these challenges of small cases by grouping them with other identical or similar cases.

The attorneys at Pratt Clay LLC are well-versed in the complexities and unique aspects of class action lawsuits. Attorney Bradley Pratt, attorney Chuck Clay and the rest of our team are staunch defenders of the rights of the wrongfully injured, whether we are representing one or one thousand. With more than $100 million worth of recoveries secured for our clients, we have become the trusted name in litigation throughout Georgia.

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Common Reasons Class Actions Are Filed

Since a class action will only be used if a relatively great amount of plaintiffs need representation for identical or similar issues, they are not entirely commonplace compared to the total number of lawsuits filed in a given year. However, when a class action is necessary, it will tend to fall under one of only a few different types of cases.

Class actions are typically filed after a group or class of people are harmed physically or financially by:

  • Defective products, drugs, or medical devices
  • Employment law violations
  • Debt collectors violating statutory requirements
  • Business fraud
  • Data breaches exposing personally identifiable information

A class action can also be filed after a single incident leads to the widespread harm of multiple people, rather than after multiple similar or identical instances occur.

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