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After securing more than $100 million in verdicts and settlements in three years, Chuck Clay joined forces with Bradley Pratt to form a keenly focused civil plaintiff’s firm that is uniquely qualified to take on big corporations and insurance companies on behalf of the wrongfully injured.

Both Bradley Pratt and Chuck Clay began their legal careers as corporate defense lawyers and honed their skills in complex litigation.

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Why We Became Plaintiff Attorneys

Bradley is proud of the success he’s had representing Fortune 100 companies. Nevertheless, over the years he found himself drawn towards representing people who had legitimate claims against big companies but were not finding justice. He describes the passion for plaintiffs’ work as a seed that gets planted inside of you. It sprouts and it grows until it’s too big to ignore.

Chuck agrees. After years of success in a defense firm that specialized in trying catastrophic injury cases, Chuck found himself thinking about shifting his focus to people who have been injured. Tragically, the opportunity came in a pair of cases where family friends were killed in catastrophic accidents. He was successful in both cases and didn’t look back. He started his plaintiffs’ firm and has been fighting for the wrongly injured ever since.

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At Pratt Clay, Bradley and Chuck draw upon their unique experiences to craft creative litigation strategies for complicated cases. Other law firms frequently hire Pratt Clay to take cases to trial or to resolve difficult litigation. Individuals who have been wrongfully injured find Pratt Clay responsive and easy to work with. Bradley and Chuck know how to explain esoteric legal matters in commonsense terms, and they always take time to have personal interaction with clients throughout the case.

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