Paralegal James Leeson

About James Leeson

James is fairly new to the Atlanta area, and now lives in Marietta with his partner, Stephen. He is an alumnus of the University of Georgia, and holds a degree in Paralegal Studies from Athens Technical College. He spent four years working for insurance defense firms before coming to Pratt Clay LLC. During that time he grew increasingly frustrated, knowing that the fruits of his labor were, at the end of the day, helping multibillion-dollar insurance companies save thousands of dollars at the expense of people who had been injured through no fault of their own.

Now at Pratt Clay, James has found new purpose in fighting for the very people he once worked against. He celebrates each verdict or settlement not just as justice for Pratt Clay’s clients, but also as a personal victory against an impersonal corporate culture concerned only with “the bottom line.” He’s delighted to join the team of nationally recognized attorneys and dedicated staff at Pratt Clay LLC who share his passion for seeking justice for innocent victims of violence and negligence.