What Factors Affect the Value of a Personal Injury Settlement?

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A plethora of variables go into determining how much a personal injury claim is worth. While no two cases are alike, there are some factors that are common to most cases which tend to affect the amount of compensation a person can expect to receive from a trial or settlement. If you are considering filing a personal injury claim and are wondering how much you can expect out of it, consider the factors listed below.

Insurance adjusters and attorneys use “multipliers” to estimate how much a claim may be worth.

The following factors may indicate that a higher multiplier may be applied to a calculation of your past and/or anticipated medical expenses:

  • Medical treatment by a hospital, doctor, or clinic
  • Hard injury (i.e. a head injury, broken bone, wound, joint injury, nerve damage, or vertebrae injury)
  • Medical expenses primarily for treatment
  • Long recovery period
  • Long-term treatment period for the injury
  • Prescribed medication for injury
  • Permanent injury (i.e. weakness, stiffness, scarring, or loss of mobility)
  • Daily life disruptions
  • Physical or emotional distress arising from the injury

Lower multipliers are likely to be applied for the following factors:

  • Medical treatment received from non-M.D. care providers
  • Soft-tissue injury (i.e. a bruise, strain, or sprain)
  • Medical expenses largely for diagnosis rather than treatment
  • Brief medical attention
  • No medication prescribed
  • A short recovery period
  • No physical or emotional problems aside from the injury
  • No permanent injury

You may also expect to obtain higher compensation if there was no shared fault in the accident, if you have strong witnesses to corroborate the details of the accident, or if the at-fault person is unsympathetic or not credible. It also helps to remain calm and organized during the claims and settlement process.

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