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We are proud to announce that Pratt Clay, LLC has been featured in the exclusive annual Texas Lawyer 10 Million Dollar Verdicts list, a catalog of the most extraordinary accomplishments of plaintiff’s lawyers using the best measure available – the amount of the jury verdict award. Sydney Rose Lee, minor v. Berkel & Company, co-led by Attorney Chuck Clay, has been featured as one of the top cases in the state of Texas for 2015 and is included in the publication’s September supplement.

According to Texas Lawyer, “Those who make this list are envied by their competitors, feared by their adversaries, and respected by practitioners far removed from litigation practice.” The publication takes reported data from Verdict Search, the country’s leading publisher of verdicts and settlement research and news for more than four decades.

Attorney Chuck Clay, together with Kurt Arnold (co-lead) of Arnold & Itkin LLP and Justin Gilbert of Gilbery & Furey, represented the plaintiffs in Sydney Rose Lee, minor v. Berkel & Company. In summary, 31-year-old construction superintendent Tyler Lee was working for a general contractor at a Houston construction site. A 21-year-old worker had been operating a crane nearby when the auger became stuck. While the operator attempted to free it, the crane collapsed, causing a piece of equipment to fall and strike Lee. His leg was crushed in the accident and had to be amputated.

Lee and his wife, as individuals and for their two-month-old daughter, sued the equipment inspection company for negligent maintenance of the crane leading to the accident, as well as the contractor company and equipment manufacturer. The plaintiffs argued that the contractor repeatedly violated standard safety practices in an effort to complete the project as quickly as possible. They further alleged that the company did nothing to ensure that the crane’s 21-year-old operator was qualified to operate the massive piece of equipment.

The jury agreed with the plaintiffs, apportioning 90 percent of the blame for the accident to the contractor and 10 percent to the maintenance company. The plaintiffs were awarded $43,943,006, including $8.5 million in punitive damages against the contractor. The trial was 13 days long, with deliberations taking only three hours.

To read more about this victory, please visit the Texas Lawyers 10 Million Dollar Verdicts publication online.

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