Proving Liability in a Trucking Accident Case

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Truck accidents are some of the most terrifying events on the road. Commercial motor vehicles can weigh anywhere from 10,000 to 80,000 pounds, so when they crash into another vehicle, person, or unmoving object, they can cause catastrophic amounts of damage. In 2015, almost 4,000 people died in crashes with large commercial vehicles, 16% of whom were occupants of cars and other passenger vehicles. If you were injured in an accident with a negligent truck driver, you might not know who to pin liability on if the driver doesn’t own his or her own truck or trucking company.

In a personal injury case, you need to file a suit against the negligent party. In order to have a good case, therefore, you need to make sure negligence did actually lead to your accident. To prove this, you and your attorney need to establish the following:

  • The liable party had a duty to act in a certain way.
  • The liable party breached their duty.
  • The breach of duty caused your injuries and property damage.

You and your attorney also must prove you suffered injury and property damage as a result of the collision. Collecting evidence of your injury can easily be done by visiting a medical physician who can diagnose your condition. If you went directly to the hospital following the collision, the hospital would have records of your visit and necessary emergency treatment.

The defendant in your case can also be the truck driver himself or herself or the company that employs the truck driver. Many truck companies might try to distance themselves from the driver and owner of the vehicle involved in the collision; however, if the business was negligent in their hiring practices, you may be able to sue the company rather than the driver.

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