3 Things to Be Aware of Before Hosting a Pool Party at Your Home

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The hottest months of the year are arriving quickly this year. Because the weather is getting warmer, people are considering going outside and taking a swim for the first time in months. Some are even considering hosting a pool party to bring in the summer festivities. If you have a pool at your home, you should be aware of 3 important things to protect yourself and your family from legal repercussions.

#1: Pools Are Dangerous for Children

If you’re going to have kids at the party, or your friends have a tendency to bring their children along to all festivities, you want to ensure the children remain safe. Make sure your pool has a good drain cover to prevent children from getting stuck over the hole. Other kids have sustained severe injuries from the suction, so take precautions with your pool safety. Likewise, have safety equipment available that can help a drowning person reach the pool edge safely, like a flotation device or safety pool hook. Also, ensure the kids are adequately supervised at all times by a responsible, alert adult.

#2: Your Guests Could Sue for Premises Liability Damages

All hosts run the risk of a lawsuit if they don’t exercise ordinary care for the premises. If you’re the property owner and you maintain your property well enough to prevent serious hazards, a guest will have less chance of encountering an accident as a result. For example, if you know your stairs are in serious need of repair but hold off on fixing them, and a guest breaks an ankle when a stair step falls through, you would be liable for paying their medical bills. Take care to fix any potential hazards in your home before inviting any guests over.

#3: You Need to Understand Your Insurance Coverage

If you have homeowners or renters insurance, you should know what the policy covers in terms of injuries or property damaged caused by intoxicated guests. Guests can cause serious damage if they are uninhibited, and they may not have the means to pay for the damage themselves. Your insurance may not cover the cost of such destruction, which means you likely shouldn’t serve alcohol at the party.

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