The Most Dangerous Roads in Atlanta

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Operating a vehicle can be dangerous even with the most careful drivers behind the wheel. However, if you’re an experienced driver, you know some roads have a tendency to increase the odds of an accident. Here is a list of the most dangerous roads in the city of Atlanta.

Cobb Cloverleaf

Cobb Cloverleaf, near the Cumberland Mall, is incredibly dangerous because of several factors. For instance, it has increased congestion and backups because of the intersection of I-285 and I-75. It’s also the start of the I-75 high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane that runs through Downtown Atlanta, which means people are crossing the freeway to get into that particular lane. There is also a sudden speed limit reduction from 65 MPH to 55 MPH, which could cause discrepancies in the speed limits of most cars in that area. Last, it is highly patrolled by law enforcement, which causes people to brake suddenly when they spot a police car.

Piedmont and Pharr Intersection

Individuals who drive here often have trouble making safe turns off of Piedmont onto Pharr or into nearby businesses. The turns don’t have designated green arrows for safe turning, and people are traveling at relatively high speeds on Piedmont road exiting Buckhead. Likewise, the steep driveway into the adjacent busy office complex requires people to turn more slowly than other drivers expect or are used to. Large postal trucks also often turn onto Pharr, which can block the visibility of oncoming traffic. Last, there are a lot of drivers turning into the busy car wash just south of Pharr, increasing congestion.

Decatur Low Bridge

The Decatur Low Bridge is extremely dangerous because it has people have no idea a low bridge is ahead. There are few signs and roadway markings to give drivers a clue of what lies ahead, and the bridge appears quickly after a blind turn. Taller vehicles sometimes make sudden lane changes to attempt to clear the bridge, and a stop light located to the west of the bridge causes many cars to brake suddenly, resulting in many rear-ending accidents.

Towne Lake Parkway Exit

The Towne Lake Parkway exit, Exit 8 off I-575, experiences a lot of congestion and backups caused by drivers exiting the freeway, particularly for the new outlet mall between Exits 8 and 9. Merging traffic in the right-hand lane from cars entering the highway from Exit 7 and wishing to exit on Exit 8 can cause collisions between the two lanes. Additionally, law enforcement patrols park under the overpasses, which cause people to brake suddenly out of fear of pursuit.

North Connector Split

The north end Connector split heading south on I-75 is dangerous because of a confusing HOV lane belonging to the I-75 that passes to the left of traffic exiting to the I-85 north. For those exiting, it also presents an incredibly sharp 180-degree turn. The driving lanes for motorists exiting to the I-85 north also have solid white markings, giving the drivers the impression they should not be in the lane they are in. Because of this confusion, there is a high amount of congestion and frequent accidents because of drivers changing lanes. There are also many sudden braking cars as a result of the backups leading into downtown Atlanta.

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