The Cost of a Brain Injury

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Brain injuries can occur in a variety of personal injury cases, from slip and fall incidents to toxic chemical exposure in the workplace. In terms of overall effect on the injured person, brain injuries tend to be more far-reaching and personally devastating than outward injuries such as a burned hand or a broken ankle. There are also unique costs associated with brain injuries, and they tend to be far more personally and financially costly than other injuries.

Immediate Costs of a Brain Injury

If you have sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI), you will immediately be confronted with large medical costs, including but not limited to the following:

  • Acute care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pain medication
  • Hospital stays
  • Surgery
  • Lost wages

Treating the immediate effects of a brain injury, assessing the overall internal effects of an accident, and stabilizing a patient with traumatic brain damage in order to prevent further injury are all necessary. They are also unavoidably costly to the injured person and their family.

Long-Term Costs and Consequences

Depending on the nature of a brain injury, there are also long-term measures that should be taken in order for an injured person to make a full recovery, such as:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Regular visits to specialists
  • Decreased work load and adjusted employment status
  • Long-term care assistance

In cases of severe brain injuries, long-term care costs and negative consequences can continue to grow for years, perhaps the rest of the injured person’s life. This is especially true when brain injuries create new personality changes, difficulty sleeping or concentrating, decreased cognitive ability, and other psychosocial challenges.

Seek Compensation for Your Brain Injury—Call an Atlanta Brain Injury Lawyer Today

The financial cost of a traumatic brain injury is far greater than most people can handle, and the personal cost to individuals and their families is even more difficult to bear. If you have sustained a brain injury of any kind, filing a personal injury lawsuit may be the best way to get the compensation you and your family need to pay for the damage done.

At Pratt Clay LLC, we know that no amount of money can erase the personal difficulty that injured persons and their loved ones experience following a serious accident. However, we believe you shouldn’t have to foot the bill for someone else’s negligence or reckless behavior. Let us help you seek the compensation you need to recover, get back on your feet, and do what it takes to get your life back.

Call our experienced Atlanta brain injury attorneys at 404-566-9460 or send us your information to request your complimentary case evaluation today.

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