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What to Do If You’ve Been in a Truck Accident

If you have been in a car accident with a truck driver in Atlanta, time is of the essence, so call Pratt Clay LLC immediately. We know how important it is to begin building a strong defense for you right away and will do everything we can to gather as much evidence as soon as possible.

How Are Trucking Accidents Investigated?

As soon as truck drivers report accidents, their trucking companies go to work to find ways to avoid taking responsibility for the accident and the injuries and damage you have sustained. In many cases, important evidence can disappear or be manipulated if not properly documented and collected in short order following your accident. This is why it’s critical to assemble your legal team as soon as possible.

Once you contact our experienced truck accident attorneys, a member of our team will visit the scene of your accident. There we will document important environmental elements, such as traffic patterns, roadway conditions, debris, and other evidence of your accident.

If the circumstances require, our Atlanta truck accident attorneys may also send official letters to the trucking company, so that no relevant evidence is tampered with, disposed of, or destroyed for at least six months. This also prevents the trucking company from getting rid of any records that may help clarify what happened in your accident, such as on-bard recording devices, cell phone logs, etc. This can prove very important in cases that are not quickly resolved, since it ensures the protection of all important evidence.

We will also partner with law enforcement to run chemical tests, consult with accident reconstruction experts, look at official records and photographs of the accident, and so on.

Timeline for Investigating Truck Accidents

All of this is done in an effort to create a complete picture of your accident, in order that the driver responsible for your injuries can be legally held accountable. If you have been injured in an accident involving a truck, you have likely suffered serious physical harm and will inevitably incur large injury-related costs. You will need an experienced legal professional on your side in order to gather the right evidence, interpret it, and convince the court that the truck driver in question and/or their trucking company are responsible for causing your injuries and that they should therefore be responsible for covering the cost.

The longer you wait to contact a truck accident attorney, the more difficult it is to gather evidence and establish liability. The more difficult it is to establish liability, the more challenging it is to seek compensation for damages. Protect yourself and help ensure your own recovery by getting the legal assistance you need as soon as possible.

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