The Impact of a Brain Injury on a Child

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Concussions and brain injuries can happen at any age, and though it might seem like children are most likely to bounce back from this type of incident due to their youth, the contrary is actually true. A brain injury, especially repeated injuries, can disrupt the development of a child’s brain, which can cause a whole host of problems as they continue to grow. It is important to address even a mild brain injury or concussion as soon as it happens to ensure the right steps are taken to prevent the child from experiencing permanent or debilitating damage.

Understanding the Effect of Brain Injuries on a Developing Brain

Brain injuries in infants and young children can severely impact the development of the brain, which can result in struggles to meet developmental milestones. Children who sustain these injuries might experience cognitive, emotional, or physical changes, or changes in multiple areas. While some of these changes might not be noticeable early on, as your child grows, and more is expected of him or her in school, the symptoms will likely become much more evident. For example, your child might take more time to learn new skills or to reach developmental milestones that other children easily achieve.

This is due to the fact that brain injuries in children often impact their ability to learn new information at a rate similar to that of their peers, which can further lead to agitation or mood swings.

Family Dynamics

Brain injuries do not just affect the child, but can alter a family’s dynamics due to the new roles that arise from these unexpected changes. The challenges a family might face do not end when the child stabilizes. After all, doctor appointments and rehabilitation are often still necessary and require time, resources, and attention. To meet some of these obligations, parents will sometimes need to take time off from work or change how they co-parent to meet the new demands of their child.

If there are other children in the family, they might feel that they are not getting enough attention, but might feel too guilty to mention it or openly discuss it. It is important for parents of an injured child to seek support from loved ones, extended family members, and professionals to field their way through this difficult time and to ensure their other children do not feel neglected.


Children who sustain brain injuries tend to need accommodations made for them when it comes to academia. Inform the school of your child’s injury so they can customize special education services and develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP). The plan you craft today might not be the plan your child needs weeks from now, this plan might need to be changed to always accurately reflective his or her current educational needs.

Common symptoms frequently experienced by children who sustain brain injuries include:

  • Difficulty reading
  • Struggles with school work
  • Tinnitus
  • Loss of hearing
  • Balance problems
  • Issues with memory and attention
  • Increased time needed to process information
  • Difficulty learning new information
  • Trouble focusing

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