How the Future Medical Care Costs of Catastrophic Injuries Add Up

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Generally, in a personal injury case, calculating the medical costs associated with the maximum medical improvement (MMI) is relatively straightforward. You might have to go to the hospital, receive treatments, or even stay for a few days, but you will ultimately have a clear idea of the payments and fees associated with your injuries. However, in a catastrophic injury case, it is often far less easy to know how much compensation is needed due to the ongoing and expensive nature of future medical care costs. You never know just how much more care you will need if your condition worsens, which is what makes it so difficult to calculate.

Catastrophic injuries tend to encompass injuries that cause permanent debilitation. Individuals with these types of injuries tend to require routine rehabilitation sessions for the rest of their lives and are often unlikely to hold any form of gainful employment. Examples of these injuries include traumatic brain injuries, burn injuries, spinal cord injuries, and amputation injuries.

Negotiating a Catastrophic Injury Claim

Your personal injury attorney will have to approach this situation carefully to ensure you are able to obtain the full amount of compensation that you will need at the present time and in the future. As such, demanding a large sum right away could put off a judge or jury, so it is crucial to first conduct thorough research on a client’s injuries and to team up with industry experts to construct a sold argument that is effectively capable of securing all future medical costs.

Some of the experts your attorney might use to improve your case include:

  • Forensic economists: Carefully calculating monetary damages in a catastrophic injury case might require the assistance of a forensic economist. These individuals are usually equipped to accurately piece together known damages and those that a catastrophic injury victim might continue to incur in the future, in addition to non-economic damages.
  • Life care planners: A person who is living with a catastrophic injury will usually need a caregiver to assist them in conducting a range of everyday tasks that are unique to their lifestyle and situation. Your personal injury attorney might consult with a life care planner to better understand what level and type of assistance will be needed and for how long it will be necessary.
  • Vocational rehabilitation specialists: Not only do catastrophic injury victims need help with the necessary tasks of daily life, but they might have lost psychological, developmental, and emotional functioning, which will require the assistance of a vocational rehabilitation specialist. This individual can help an injury victim regain or refine these lessened skills and abilities. In severe cases, a patient might need ongoing vocational rehabilitation.

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