Different Types of Spinal Cord Injuries and Their Effects

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All spinal cord injuries are considered catastrophic and will invariably result in a lifetime of pain, discomfort, and disability. Oftentimes, the most common cause of these injuries are motor vehicle accidents, falls, acts of violence, and even sports injuries. Even if the spinal cord is not severed, loss of function can occur from bruising, stretching, or being crushed. If you sustained a spinal cord injury due to another party’s negligent actions, you need to consult with a catastrophic injury attorney to ensure you are able to secure the compensation you need and deserve.

Below are some of the different types of spinal cord injuries one can sustain as well as their effects:

  • Cervical spinal cord C1-C8: Cervical injuries can result in weakness or paralysis in the legs and arms, otherwise known as quadriplegia. Given the flexibility of the neck region, it is usually difficult to stabilize cervical spine injuries, which means those suffering from quadriplegia will require a stabilizing device, such as a brace. Additionally, all regions of the body below the level of the injury could be affected. This injury is also associated with a loss of sensation as well as bladder, bowel, and sexual problems.
  • Thoracic spinal cord T1-T12: Due to the protection the rib cage provides, this type of spinal cord injury is not as common as others. The effects of it can cause weakness of the legs, also known as paraplegia, as well as the loss of physical sensation, bladder, bowel, and sexual problems. It can also cause total paralysis. To build up the core muscles, many patients will have to wear a brace on their torso, initially.
  • Sacral spinal cord S1-S5: This controls signals to a person’s thighs and lower parts of one’s legs and genital organs. As such, this type of injury tends to result in loss of bowel and bladder function, causes sexual problems, and even paralysis or weakness in the legs and hips.

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