When is a Burn Injury Considered Catastrophic?

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Not all burn injuries are the same. Some may be minor and heal within a few days while others are extremely severe, require surgery, result in extensive scarring and ultimately lead to the loss of sensation in the affected area. Of course, this means that not all burn injuries can be considered catastrophic. Generally, for any type of injury to be considered catastrophic, it must result in a life-altering consequence, preventing the injured person from enjoying the same life he or she did prior to the injury.

Below are some common features of a catastrophic burn injury:

  • Your skin is irreparably damaged: Burn injuries destroy your body’s first layer of defense – the skin, leaving your muscles and tissues exposed. The nerves are burned off, so you will not likely feel any pain, but there is still a high risk of infection and you will probably need surgery to replace the skin that can no longer grow. In many cases, the affected area is never the same again.
  • The burned areas of your body will be scarred: Scars are the most noticeable remnants left behind after a burn injury. For especially large burns on more visible areas of the body, this can socially impact a survivor’s life and cause them to feel uncomfortable. Particularly severe burns often affect a person’s identity and could even lead to depression, anxiety, and other similar issues.
  • You might not heal: Your burn injury will, to some degree, heal eventually, but severe burns tend to cause irreversible damage to the affected areas. Without medical intervention, a third-degree burn will heal poorly and slowly. Hair follicles will likely be destroyed and your epidermis will no longer exist. As a result, your sweat glands might also break down and you might not be able to sweat. The problem with losing the ability to sweat means your body can easily overheat and you will have to avoid certain activities or work conditions for the rest of your life. To avoid some of these complications, seek medical attention immediately after a burn injury.
  • Your skin’s strength lessens: Scarred skin is typically about 20% weaker than skin that is not scarred. Therefore, the areas of skin that are scarred will be more prone to ripping, tearing, infections, and sunburns. Wearing sunscreen is particularly vital to those who have burn scars, but be careful with the products you use. Sunscreen and skin products that were once perfectly okay for you to use might now cause an allergic reaction when applied to these delicate areas.

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