NBI Seminar on Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

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Last month, our very own Attorney Chuck Clay was on the distinguished faculty for the National Business Institute’s (NBI) seminar on “Traumatic Brain Injury Cases: Plaintiff and Defense Attorney Perspectives.” Several members of the medical and legal community attended the seminar to gain more insight into the practice of personal injury and insurance litigation and earn continuing legal education credits required by the state bar. Attendees learned about testing, diagnosis, and treatment of traumatic brain injuries (or “TBI”) along with cutting-edge litigation strategies.

The seminar covered the following subjects:

  • Important issues to focus on when reviewing medical records;
  • Permanent brain injuries and how to prove the inability to work;
  • Advanced tips for coordinating the plaintiff’s medical, psychological, and neuropsychological information prior to and after an accident; and
  • Evaluating electrodiagnostic and radiographic examination results when discerning between concussions and traumatic brain injuries.

In his presentation on “How to Overcome Defenses in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases,” to educate attendees about TBI litigation, Attorney Clay pulled from his experience at Pratt Clay, LLC as a successful plaintiff’s advocate for personal injury cases.

From the various topics Mr. Clay covered in his presentation, the attendees learned about:

  • Accident types and insurance coverage sources;
  • Discovery of uncommon evidence demonstrating mild brain injury;
  • Methods of showing that TBI is incurable, serious, and compensable;
  • Articulating to the jury the functional limitations resulting from mild brain injuries;
  • Preparing plaintiffs for their independent medical examination (IME); and
  • Obstacles regarding recovery, returning to work, and the inability to work.

We are honored to have Mr. Clay represent our hard work at Pratt Clay, LLP before our esteemed colleagues, so that we may share our experience with the legal community for the benefit of those seeking recompense for their catastrophic injuries.

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