The Challenges of a Catastrophic Injury Case

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Whenever a person suffers an injury in an accident, it is likely that his or her activities will be limited, requiring time off from work and medical care, even if the injuries are somewhat minor. Additionally, with a personal injury attorney on your side, you would likely be able to recover adequate compensation for your injuries and suffering. When it comes to catastrophic injury cases, however, things tend to be more complicated and require the assistance of an attorney who is experienced in handling such matters, particularly because the damages involved are much higher.

Why Are They Different?

While a broken leg is certainly very painful, it is not considered catastrophic by the medical community or the law. Catastrophic injuries refer to a certain level of damage and disability, such as damage to the central nervous system or impaired function in several body systems. These types of injuries can also warrant multiple surgeries and a lifetime of medical care. Some of the most common examples of catastrophic injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI): This injury can result in a vast array of complications and disabilities. When someone suffers a severe TBI, it is possible that a full recovery can never be achieved and he or she will require ongoing medical care, therapy, and personal care.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Spinal cord damage can result in partial or complete paralysis, forever changing the life of the injured person. Car crashes and truck accidents often result in spinal cord damage.
  • Loss of limb: If a victim loses a limb in an accident, he or she will face permanent impairment and possibly the loss of his or her livelihood. Treatments, prosthetics, and rehabilitation is available for victims of amputations, but the cost is high and will be necessary for the rest of the victim’s life.
  • Eye injuries that result in blindness: Even if with extensive medical care, the loss of one’s eyesight might make it impossible for him or her to return to work. This injury sometimes requires an assisted living situation, the cost of which can be quite high.

Moreover, in a personal injury claim, when a party is found liable for the other’s injuries, that person must pay damages to make the injured person whole again. However, when it comes to a catastrophic injury, there is generally no way to know for certain what the total cost of care will amount to since catastrophic injuries typically result in some form of permanent disability. Your attorney will need to consult medical experts to obtain a better idea of your possible financial needs.

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