Complications Associated with Burn Injuries

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Severe burns are not just painful, they can also result in some serious complications that could potentially lead to death. To prevent these terrible complications, it is imperative that a burn victim receive treatment as soon as possible. If you sustained a severe burn injury that was the result of another party’s negligence, you need to reach out to a skilled catastrophic injury attorney to ensure you are able to receive the fair and just compensation you deserve.

We have compiled a list below of some of the most common complications suffered by those who sustained severe burn injuries:

  • Burn injury infections: Infections are some of the most common complications associated with burn injuries. Skin protects the human body against infection and, in the case of burn injuries, skin is severely damaged or dead, which leaves the body vulnerable to airborne pathogens. Sepsis is a complication that results from severe infections, causing the body to become inflamed. If burn victim develops sepsis and this complication remains untreated, it could lead to organ failure or death.
  • Blood complications: Severe burn injuries can also potentially impact a person’s blood supply and circulation. Excessive blood vessel damage can cause hypovolemia, which can ultimately lead to shock. Moreover, patients suffering from severe burns can develop blood clots in the limbs, which is often caused by the extended periods of bed rest necessary for recovery.
  • Long-term burn complications: As a burn wound heals, it is still possible for complications to develop. For example, if a severe burn injury occurs over the joints, the injured person might experience joint mobility issues. This is due to the pulling and contracting that occurs when the skin begins to heal.
  • Psychological burn complications: Complications are not always physical. In some cases, one might suffer psychological problems caused by the trauma of enduring the accident that resulted in the burn injury. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety are all common psychological injuries one can suffer. Additionally, the scarring and disfigurement caused by the burn might affect one’s self-esteem, feelings of worth, and self-image.

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