How Are Catastrophic Burns Treated?

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Burn injuries are incredibly painful, especially third-degree burns, which are considered catastrophic. Not only are they painful, but if one is able to survive the incident that leads to the burn injury, he or she will be left with severe, disfiguring scars. Additionally, severe burns are prone to infections and can even lead to shock if treatment is delayed. If you or a loved one sustained catastrophic burn injuries that were caused by another party’s negligent actions, it is imperative that you seek skilled legal representation as soon as possible to ensure you are able to recover fair and just compensation.

All burns, no matter how severe, should be treated with urgency, though speedy treatment is particularly critical in cases where:

  • The burn victim is either an infant or an elderly adult
  • The burn injuries are on the hands, feet, face, or genitals
  • The victim sustained a burn blister is larger than two inches or is emitting ooze
  • The victim’s skin is leathery or charred in appearance, has white, brown, or black patches
  • The victim’s burn penetrates all layers of skin

Treating Third-Degree Burns

The most serious type of burn a person can suffer from is a third-degree burn, for which immediate action is necessary. The following steps should be done when addressing a third-degree burn:

  • Call 911 for emergency medical care.
  • Protect the burn by covering it with a non-stick, sterile bandage or a clean sheet. Burned fingers and toe should be separated with dry and sterile dressings. If ointment, butter, or water is applied to the burn areas, this will increase the risk of infections, so make sure to keep the areas dry and clean.
  • If possible, to prevent shock, elevate a victim’s feet 12 inches and elevate the burn above the victim’s heart. If the burns are on the victim’s face, have him or her sit up and monitor the victim’s pulse for signs of shock until emergency medical assistance arrives.
  • Once emergency medical assistance arrives, they will administer oxygen and fluids before treating the burn.

Burns should always be stopped immediately by putting out the fire and removing the victim. The victim’s burned or smoldering clothing should also be removed. Cut or tear any fabric that is sticking to the wound and remove anything that is restrictive since burns tend to swell up rather quickly.

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