How Do Brain Injuries in Children Differ from Brain Injuries in Adults?

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Brain injuries are serious no matter how old the victim is and should always be treated with urgency to help avoid permanent, lasting consequences. However, though all brain injuries are serious and not to be ignored, they are much worse in children and infants and are cited as the number one trauma-related cause of lifelong disability. Brain injuries are also the leading cause of death in children who are over a year old. Moreover, many of the incidents that lead to brain trauma are preventable and often the result of another party’s negligent actions.

The Differences Between Children & Adults

When a child or infant suffers a brain injury, the prognosis is generally far worse for them than it is for an adult with a similar injury. This is due to the fact that a child’s brain is still in its developmental phase. In some cases, it is possible for a child’s brain to continue to develop normally after an injury, but in others, such injuries disturb the growth and development of the child’s brain, resulting in permanent and irreparable damage. Additionally, it is often difficult to grasp the scope of damage that has been done to a child until years later, when it is evident that certain key cognitive functions have been severely impaired.

Unlike children or infants, determining the extent of brain damage in an adult is substantially easier. The normal range of behaviors for adults is broader and an adult’s personality is already established, creating a baseline for his or her physical and mental capabilities. Therefore, a medical professional will be better able to formulate opinions regarding a patient’s current and future deficits.

However, regardless if the injured person is a child or an adult, a diagnosis would require retaining knowledgeable experts who are able to pick up on even subtle cognitive or behavioral deficits in order to develop a plan that effectively helps the injured person maximize his or her potential.

How a Brain Injury Can Change the Life of an Adult or Child Victim

Though traumatic brain injuries are far more severe in children than they are in adults, both children and adults will face major challenges as they continue to move forward.

Common child brain injury deficits:

  • Motor skills might be reduced or absent and important developmental milestones, such as crawling, walking, grasping, and speaking, might be missed.
  • Children who suffered a brain injury might become depressed, frustrated, angry, or be in denial regarding the changes they are experiencing.
  • It might be more difficult for children to relate to others, resulting in interactions that are potentially socially inappropriate.
  • The short-term memory might be significantly impaired.
  • It might be very difficult to plan ahead, focus, multitask, or perform other mental tasks that help get things done.
  • Due to various impairments caused by a brain injury, there will also likely be significant challenges to a child’s educational goals and pursuits.

Common adult brain injury deficits:

  • Difficulty performing tasks that were previously mastered, including reading and writing. An adult with a brain injury might also experience issues speaking and take longer to solve problems.
  • Adults often experience changes in mood or behavior, leading to anger, frustration, and depression.
  • An adult’s senses and perception might also be impaired in numerous ways, including blurry vision, reduced depth perception, and issues with touch, taste, smell, and hearing.

If you or your child sustained a traumatic brain injury as a result of another party’s negligent or careless actions, do not suffer in silence. Take the appropriate steps to hold them liable today by seeking legal representation.

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