7 People Dead, 8 Injured in Fiery Accident North of Gainesville, FL

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As of early this morning, members of the Florida Highway Patrol have reported that seven people have died and more than eight have been critically injured in a crash on Interstate 75 yesterday afternoon.

The accident involved two large tractor-trailers, a sedan, and a passenger van. The trailers of both 18-wheelers burned up after the crash, and it has been estimated that at least 50 gallons of diesel fuel spilled after the collision. One truck driver died during the accident, and most of the casualties and injuries occurred among van passengers, the majority of whom were children. A homicide investigation is currently underway.

The debris and spillage left behind after the accident were so severe that the portion of I-75 that runs between 39th Avenue and U.S. 441 was completely shut down. However, northbound lanes and one southbound lane have been cleared for use.

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