Amputation Injuries Caused by Trucking Accidents

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Accidents involving commercial trucks are often the most serious accidents and often result in catastrophic or fatal injuries. Due to their size, weight, and force with which they can strike, truck accidents can lead to pileups, road closures, and fires. Although these accidents can cause a vast array of severe and debilitating injuries, amputation injuries are among some of the most common and catastrophic injuries victims suffer, whether they are directly caused by the accident or occur as a result of injuries sustained in the accident.

For example, a limb could potentially be crushed in an accident involving a commercial truck and the damage could be so extensive that the limb must be removed. Whether the cause of the amputation injury is direct or indirect, the fact is that the survivor is left to face a life-changing injury that will take years to cope with and adjust to.

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Although limbs can be severed during the course of a truck accident due to the extraordinary amounts of pressure, it is more likely that tissue and nerve damage to the extremities will be so severe that surgical amputation is absolutely necessary.

Other situations that might require surgical amputation in the aftermath of a trucking accident include:

  • The limb sustained severe trauma during the accident
  • The extremity is experiencing substantially poor blood flow
  • The injured limb is suffering from an infection that will either not go away or is worsening

Given that a surgical amputation is an inherently extreme procedure, recovering from it tends to be a drawn-out process that requires an extensive amount of time. This is due to the fact that, beyond the healing process, one also needs to relearn how to complete everyday tasks, including how to adjust to life with a prosthesis. A prosthetic limb can be fitted once the wound heals and is no longer tender or painful to touch.

Moreover, those who suffer from amputation injuries not only experience physical pain, but emotional pain as well. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is often common among amputees. Therefore, in addition to rehabilitation costs, amputee victims often need therapy to cope with the loss of their limb and the trauma of having to endure such a severe accident.

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