What is an Inadequate Security Lawsuit?

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Generally, when a person sustains injuries on someone else’s property due to the criminal acts of another party as a result of inadequate security, this falls under premises liability law and the property owner can potentially be held liable for your injuries. If you were injured on someone else’s property due to a third party’s criminal actions, consult with a premises liability attorney today to discuss your case and find out what your legal options are.

Below is a list of a property owner’s duties to provide adequate security:

  1. External security: We often hear of crimes occurring in parking lots or areas outside of a business. These crimes are particularly common when business owners fail to install security systems to deter criminal activity.
  1. Interior security: It is imperative to have security policies to keep visitors and employees safe when inside the building’s premises.
  1. Administrative duty: All business owners should have an effective system for collecting and reporting information regarding criminal activity that occurs near or on their property.
  1. Employee security: If an employee’s job duties involve dealing with children or elderly adults, employers should conduct background checks on applicants and prospective employees. Employees should also be properly trained and supervised to ensure they are able to recognize suspicious activity.

Examples of Who Can Sue Can Sue for Inadequate Security

If you were the victim of a crime or an act of violence on someone else’s property, you might be able to file hold the property owner liable for your injuries.

These are some common examples of circumstances in which one might file this type of lawsuit:

  1. A hotel guest whose room was robbed.
  2. A person who was sexually assaulted or suffered other injuries while on a property that claimed to have security, such as a shopping mall, office building, or nightclub.
  3. A family whose relative suffered a wrongful death after being assaulted at a sports stadium.
  4. A patron of a nightclub was assaulted by a fellow patron, a trespasser, or one of the bouncers.

If successful, the compensation you are awarded could potentially cover your hospital bills and rehabilitation therapy, missed wages if you are unable to work, damaged or stolen personal property, physical pain and mental anguish, and funeral expenses.

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