Atlanta Woman Sues Nightclub After Inadequate Security and Sexual Assault

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A woman recently spoke at a news conference after becoming a victim of sexual assault at a popular nightclub in the Midtown area. Jasmine Eiland’s face was full of tears as she gave details of the terrifying incident.

Details About What Occurred

Moments earlier, Eiland’s lawyers revealed that their client filed a lawsuit against the Opera nightclub. She alleges that when she visited the establishment to attend singer August Alsina’s concert, there was inadequate security.

The building is three stories high and is capable of accommodating around 2,000 people. Eiland, 25, spoke for the first time publicly ever since accidentally streaming the attack on Facebook Live on January 19, 2019.

She stated that her attorneys were making sure she stays off of social media to avoid reading potentially inflammatory comments. Eiland further said that she wanted to come forward and tell the public what she had endured so that she could prevent the same thing from happening to other women. She also thanked the people who supported her online after the sexual assault was inadvertently live-streamed.

Eiland’s attorneys reached out to the nightclub several times to resolve things. They even requested a #MeToo event take place there, but their pleas went ignored.

Negligence Lawsuit Filed

In her lawsuit, which was filed in Fulton County, Eiland has requested a jury trial and punitive damages. Grae Hospitality, LLC, which owns the club, is named in the suit.

Bryan Knight, attorney for the Opera nightclub, sent out a statement that the safety of all guests is a top priority and that the club has always held the highest standard for security. He added that the establishment has been working closely with the Atlanta Police Department to help in any way possible during the investigation and that they would be vehemently defending against the lawsuit.

On January 19, Eiland, originally from East St. Louis, Illinois, visited Atlanta and went to the club to celebrate her birthday. She decided to stream the event on Facebook Live but was suddenly assaulted by a man on the dance floor, according to the police report. According to her lawyers, she is audibly screaming in the video and yelling out for help. Her smartphone was attached to a hook on her hand and she was unable to remove it, according to Stewart.

Suspect Comes Forward

Initially, after the Atlanta police identified the man in the video and contacted him, they were unable to make an arrest. The suspect, 34-year-old Dominique Williams, later turned himself in on January 29. He has been held in the Fulton County Detention Center, facing charges of aggravated sodomy.

According to Eiland, she believes someone put something in her drink. One of her attorneys said they were still waiting for toxicology report results, but that his client repeatedly went in and out of consciousness that night.

According to the lawsuit, the attacker forcibly carried Eiland outside of the club to a patio area and assaulted her again. In the video, another man can be heard ordering the suspect to stop. The video has since been taken down from Facebook.

Legitimate Security Concerns

The attack has led to concerns about the club’s security. One of Eiland’s lawyers said that on the night of his client’s assault, the club only utilized around one-quarter of the amount of security required for a concert of that size.

After Eiland’s attack, another woman came forward to say she was sexually assaulted by the same man after drinking with him.

Eiland said she wants more women to come forward. She added she doesn’t want to be the face of sexual assault but the face for other women.

If you have been attacked at an Atlanta nightclub or any other venue due to inadequate security, know that you have rights. Get in touch with a negligent security attorney at Pratt Clay, LLC in Atlanta to discuss your options