Can a Tenant Sue for Inadequate Security?

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Criminal activity can hit any one of us and often happens when someone least expects it. When you are a victim of a crime that occurs on a property that you are renting, can you hold the property owner liable?

The answer is yes. If an apartment complex or another property owner does not provide adequate security for their tenants, they could be held liable for crimes that occur.

Legal Responsibility of Apartment Complexes

Negligent security is a type of premises liability that deals with civil restitution for violent acts and crimes that occur on a property. Common criminal acts that occur due to negligent security range from sex crimes, robbery, battery, or assault.

Negligent security presumes that the violation should have been stopped or at least made less likely by utilizing the right security procedures. Common security inadequacies in apartment complexes include:

  • Lack of security cameras

  • Failing to monitor the security cameras

  • Failing to clean up the appearance of the property

  • Failing to provide adequate lighting in dark areas

  • Failing to have adequate security personnel

An individual who’s injured because of inadequate security can bring a negligent security lawsuit based on the responsibility held by owners of the property to provide reasonable security standards and secure lawful visitors from potential violations of third parties.

Why sue the owner of a property instead of the person who perpetrated the violent crime or act? While the person who committed the crime is directly responsible for their own acts, the property owner where the crime occurred has a legal obligation to make sure foreseeable crimes are not committed with an adequate amount of security.

Contacting an Experienced Negligent Security Attorney

When a criminal act is committed against you and could have been prevented, it’s important to know what rights you have to pursue the property owner for negligence. The premises liability lawyers at Pratt Clay, LLC are committed to helping victims of preventable crimes seek justice.

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