What Should I Do If I Was Injured at a Friend’s House?

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Filing a premises liability lawsuit against a business probably won’t
spark any conflicted feelings or emotional dilemmas for most people. However,
if you sustained injuries at a friend’s house, you might be concerned
about losing a friendship if you seek compensation. Keep this in mind
– when you file a premises liability claim in such cases, you are
filing it against your friend’s homeowner’s insurance. If
you win, do not expect your friend to pay for your medical expenses or
missed wages. Instead, you will be compensated by the insurance company.
Therefore, you should never be afraid to file a claim if you were injured
on your friend’s property, especially if the injury was particularly serious.

Why You Should File a Premises Liability Claim

Although your friend will not have to pay the money you win in a settlement,
he or she might not fully understand why you need to file a premises liability
claim at all and might try to dissuade you from doing so. This can be
costly to you, however. Without compensation, you will end up having to
pay for medical expenses that might not be covered by your health insurance
and suffer the loss of missed wages if you need to take time off from
work to recover.

The only effects your friend will feel as a result of a premises liability
claim is a rise in his or her homeowner’s insurance rate, much like
one’s rate might go up after being responsible for a
car accident.

Running into Obstacles?

Unfortunately, some people can be a little difficult and unreasonable.
If your friend is refusing to provide his or her insurance information,
your attorney will be able to help you overcome this obstacle. There is
no reason why you should have to end up paying the price for injuries
that were not your fault. That’s what your friend’s homeowner’s
insurance is for!

Begin Filing Your Premises Liability Claim Today!

If you were injured on your friend’s property, we understand your
hesitation to file a
premises liability claim, but you should remember that the insurance company will be compensating
you for your injuries rather than your friend. To ensure the process goes
smoothly and without any unnecessary errors, contact the premises liability
team at Pratt Clay, LLC.

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