My Child Was Bitten by a Dog: Who is Responsible?

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It’s not rare to hear of a young child attacked by a stray dog or neighbor’s pet on the way to school. These stories are heartbreaking and frightening to think about, as your own child may be the next innocent victim of an angry or untrained animal. While some dogs are man’s best friend, others are aggressive even when unprovoked. Children are the primary targets of dog attacks as they are smaller, weaker, and slower than a fully-grown adult who can fight off an animal for long enough to prevent serious injuries.

Children are prone to sustaining extremely severe injuries from a dog bite, including facial trauma, severe scarring, puncture wounds, broken bones, infection, tissue and nerve damage, not to mention the incredible emotional ordeal of being attacked and terrorized by an animal. In extreme cases, some injuries can lead to permanent disfigurement or disability.

The State of Georgia & Pet Owner Negligence

Dog owners are liable for their pets’ violent outbursts under specific circumstances. Primarily, it must be proven your child did not provoke the animal and that the owner was negligent in his or her care of the dog by allowing it to be free. However, state law dictates you cannot pursue a legal claim against the owner if your child trespassed or was directly invited onto private property. Another major exception is if the attack took place on public property.

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