What Counts as Adequate Security?

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When you are at your own apartment, you typically expect that nothing bad will happen to you. You lock your windows and doors at night and expect that the apartment security will take care of the rest.

For the most part, this is a fair assumption. Property owners, including owners of apartment complexes, have a legal obligation to provide visitors and renters with adequate security. Failure to do so could result in criminal acts, injury to individuals, and negligent or inadequate security lawsuits.

However, not all property owners provide the necessary requirements to avoid injuries to residents and liability in negligent security lawsuits. So, what are the specific requirements for adequate security in Georgia?

Requirements for Adequate Security

Adequate security will vary somewhat in regards to the physical features of the security elements, but the process for defining what these elements are will remain the same across the board.

Essentially, a property owner must provide security deemed “adequate” by taking into consideration the following:

1. the type of premises involved and how that property was being used at the time to prevent crime

2. the type and amount of criminal activity known to normally occur on or around the premises

3. the history or pattern of similar crimes at the premises

4.the level of security advertised or promised by the property owner or business proprietor

5. the need for security under the circumstances and the number of resources committed to meeting such security requirements

For example, an apartment complex may promote that one of its security features is a gate that opens for residents and visitors only. If this gate is broken and the property owner does not take action to fix it, they could be held liable if a crime is committed against a resident.

Contacting an Experienced Atlanta Negligent Security Attorney

It can be devastating when you or a loved one is injured on a property you had thought safe. When property owners do not take the proper measures to protect visitors and residents, the worst can happen. If a crime was committed against you due to inadequate security, do not hesitate to contact our firm for representation.

The attorneys at Pratt Clay, LLC are committed to educating property owners as well as providing advocacy to those that were injured by a criminal act due to negligent security. Let us help you seek the compensation you justly deserve so that you can focus on healing.

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