Could a Crane Collapse That Injured Three Workers in Savannah Have Been Prevented?

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Two construction workers were critically injured when a crane collapsed in Savannah, while a third worker suffered minor injuries. The collapse occurred on River Street at the site for the Plant Riverside District Project. Ironically, at the time of the incident, the working crane was hoisting a vintage crane that was to be part of an industrial art installation at the $275 million construction project.

Georgia attorney Chuck Clay explains that all construction crane collapses are preventable. “Modern cranes are designed and built with multiple safety thresholds that provide warning signs before the crane collapses,” he says. “In my experience, when a crane topples, it’s often because someone ignored the crane’s Operator’s Manual and/or ignored the warning signs and sensors and pushed the equipment beyond the safety parameters.”

Workers injured in construction disasters can face some legal hurdles when trying to seek compensation for their injuries. Worker’s compensation laws, originally designed to help injured workers, can often immunize a negligent employer, leaving workers with less than they need to recover while limiting the worker’s ability to file a legal claim against their employer.

Nonetheless, there are still avenues for construction workers to be made whole, despite the obstacles presented by the worker’s comp laws. “Every case is different,” Chuck Clay explains. “The nature of a workers employment, whether or not they were a sub-contractor, and the cause of the collapse can all affect a worker’s potential legal claims, and in the right circumstances, provide a pathway for recovery.”

OSHA is still investigating the June 23 incident in Savannah, and the cause of the incident has not yet been determined. While OSHA has the power to investigate construction injuries, it cannot compensate workers for their injuries, and the fines they levy against at-fault construction companies often amount to a slap on the wrist. It’s up to injured workers to stand up for themselves to get adequate compensation for their injuries, and by holding the offending parties responsible, they can force builders to institute changes that make construction sites safer for everyone.

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