Negligent Security During Summer Months

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During summer, many eager individuals host gatherings like pool parties and barbeques at their apartment complexes. This typically leads to more people on the property.

Unfortunately, not all are welcome visitors. Apartment complexes have a legal obligation to make their premises adequately safe to ensure the safety of residents and visitors. When proper measures are not taken, the property owner may have a negligent security lawsuit coming their way.

It may be more difficult to decipher who is a welcome or unwelcome visitor when there are more people on a property, such as during the summer months. This just means that property owners are obligated to provide a level of security that is adequately safe, taking that into consideration. Every situation will differ, but this might mean that property owners may have to get more security cameras, security guards, or more gates that only residents can enter through.

Staying Safe During the Summer

Everyone wants to enjoy their summer breaks, but it’s important to remember that safety is still the number one priority. If you believe someone is on the property you live at that should not be, you should contact the property owner or police if the situation seems dangerous.

Our attorneys are committed to helping make Atlanta safe. Part of doing this is reminding property owners of their legal obligations to keeping residents and guests safe by providing adequate security. By holding property owners accountable, they start improving security and taking a more active role in the safety of those on the premises.

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