What a Product Liability Attorney Can Do for Your 3M Defective Earplugs Lawsuit

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Lawsuits are intimidating. Much of the legal process consists of filling out paperwork, reading documents, and examining the evidence. Most lawsuits never go to trial.

It’s no wonder that attorneys need years of schooling before they can pass the BAR and take their first case. That’s why, if you’re a veteran with hearing impairment seeking compensation, you need to know what a product liability attorney can do for your 3M defective earplugs lawsuit.

Are You Eligible for Compensation?

Consulting an attorney who specializes in product liability will help relieve the burden of a lengthy legal process. After telling the attorney your story, they will ask background questions that will help determine whether you meet the criteria to file a 3M defective earplugs lawsuit.

To file a suit, you must,

· Have been a member of the American armed services at some point between 2003 and 2015.

· Have been issued 3M double-sided combat earplugs, most easily identified by their black and yellow color scheme.

· Now have hearing damage, ear pain, or ringing in the ears.

If these three statements apply to you, your attorney can begin the process of filing for damages. A lawsuit can be a long process full of paperwork, back and forth emails, interviews, meetings with the other party’s lawyers, and more.

How an Attorney Can Help

Speaking to opposing attorneys can be nerve-wracking and confusing, especially when you’re in pain. However, when you work with a product liability attorney, you have someone fighting for your just compensation. Your attorney will navigate the maze of claims and paperwork for you and will fight on your behalf.

If you’ve experienced hearing loss as a result of using 3M combat earplugs, know that thousands of others have experienced similar injuries. If you’re curious about receiving financial compensation, you may want to consult a product liability attorney.

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