Security Responsibilities for Small Business Owners

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A new business represents new opportunities. Business owners create a chance to set their own paths while providing products and services they find appealing. It’s an attractive idea. However, many small business owners aren’t aware that having your own place of business comes with a duty to protect customers and employees, day or night.

Business owners must take reasonable steps to prevent violent crime on their premises. Failing to do so could open them to a negligent security claim if someone were attacked on their property. The following security measures could prevent someone from becoming the victim of a violent crime.


Lights are an excellent deterrent to violent crime. Studies suggest that adequate lighting reduces opportunistic violent crime by upwards of 36%. A business should have proper bright lighting both inside and around the premises.


Locks are the first line of defense and often make people reconsider committing a crime of opportunity. When a business has locks on their doors, they’re demonstrating that they’ve considered their security. This is why, for example, businesses open 24/7 have locks on their doors.


Cameras serve as an early warning to a crime in progress. When properly monitored, a security guard can call 911 and rush to the scene. Visible cameras effectively deter violent crime.


Alarms are a great deterrent for a crime in progress. A violent criminal is unlikely to stick around if they know emergency services or a security guard are on the way.

Security Guards

Properly trained guards are both a deterrent and a last line of defense in reasonably preventing violent crime. If a business takes all other security measures and violent crime occurs with an attentive guard on duty, there is unlikely to be a case for negligent security.

Having all of these elements would be considered optimal security. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t maintain adequate security. When a preventable violent crime occurs on an unsecured property, the owner should be held responsible.

If you were the victim of a violent crime due to negligent security measures, you might have a case. If you’d like an experienced Atlanta premises liability attorney from Pratt Clay to evaluate your claim, please send us an email or call 404-566-9460