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Broken Apartment Gates: A Liability Issue

Apartments buildings utilize and promote many different security features in order to keep residents and visitors safe. Some of the most common security features that complexes use include security guards, security cameras, sufficient lighting, gates, extra door locks, and even the general visible upkeep of the complex.

While these features are promoted in order to attract new residents, they are not always kept up by the apartment owners. In fact, something that seems as simple as a broken gate could quickly turn into a inadequate security liability lawsuit.

Apartment Gates and Adequate Security Obligations

When defining what is deemed “adequate” security, one of the requirements is that the security feature(s) must be the level of security advertised or promised by the property owner or business proprietor.

Most apartment complexes advertise security features in order to attract new tenants. Adequate security is typically one of the biggest selling points for potential tenants, especially for those with children or older adults. Many potential residents turn into current ones for this very selling point. Who wouldn’t want to know that they are going to be safe in their own home?

Many apartment complexes have gates as one of their security features. If the gate is broken and the apartment complex does not take action to fix it, it could turn into a negligent security lawsuit quickly.

Say that an apartment complex is located in an area in which crime is higher than average. In the time that the gate was broken, an assault occurs within the apartment complex. This would mean that the apartment owner could be held liable for the crime due to the fact that 1. the owner(s) knew that there was a higher rate of crime in the neighborhood and 2. they did not take the necessary steps to fix the broken gate and prevent the crime from happening.

Let Our Personal Injury Attorneys Help You

It can be devastating when you or a loved one is a victim of a crime in a place where you felt most safe: your own home. If a crime was committed against you due to the negligence of your property owner, it’s important to remember that you have rights.

Our personal injury attorneys have years of experience representing victims in negligent security lawsuits. We are a firm that is committed to making Atlanta safe by educating property owners on the importance of adequate security as well as providing victims with advocacy after they’ve been injured.

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