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Distracted Driving & Catastrophic Car Accidents

As a whole, we consider driving to be one of the most normal tasks we complete to get through our day. This casual relationship with something so risky has created a dangerous and negligent culture of distracted driving. People forget just how much is at risk when they get behind the wheel, resulting in catastrophic accidents and injuries.

Drivers must examine their own behavior as bluntly as possible. Preventing the devastation of a catastrophic car accident may seem impossible to predict but amending simple habits can go a long way in saving lives. Far too often, innocent drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are victims of an individual’s actions which should never have occurred in the first place.

These examples of distracted driving can quickly transition from harmless to deadly:

  • A driver’s visual clarity is vital to road safety. Searching for something in the backseat or trying to find a specific location are both examples of potentially catastrophic visual distractions.
  • Cognitive distractions may require more practice to combat. Nearly every driver has reached their destination without noticing how they got there because they were too preoccupied with thoughts about work, family, personal conflicts, etc.
  • Manual distractions are the most common kind of disruption for even the most seasoned driver. These include eating or drinking, talking to passengers, cell phone use, grooming, etc. Drowsiness is also a major source of distraction and can result in severe consequences.

Any of the above may result in a catastrophic car accident which leaves all involved with permanent, and sometimes fatal, injuries.

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