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What Should I Do After a Dog Bite Injury?

Dogs are our greatest animal companions and many of us often think of them as members of the family. However, in the hands of the wrong caregiver, a dog can be dangerous and might attack others, resulting in serious injuries. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 800,000 individuals are bitten by dogs every year, most of whom are children. Who is liable for a dog bite injury and what steps should you take in the aftermath of an attack?

After a dog bite injury, it is crucial to take the following actions:

  • Exchange information with the dog’s owner: Not unlike what you might do after a car accident, you should exchange information with the owner of the dog or its caretaker, including his or her full name, phone number, and address. Not only will you need this information to file a personal injury claim, but you will also need to get in touch with the owner later on to verify the dog’s vaccination history.
  • Identify any witnesses at the scene: If there were witnesses nearby who witnessed the attack, you should jot down their full names and contact information as well, so you have as much evidence as possible to back up your claim when you attempt to recover damages for the injuries you sustained.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible: If you are in need of emergency medical assistance, dial 911. However, if your wounds do not require emergency medical attention, you should still take a trip to the hospital to have them examined and properly treated. Puncture wounds are particularly susceptible to infection, so you do not want to let them go untreated. If possible, take pictures of your wounds before they are treated to ensure the damage is accurately documented.
  • Call animal control: Do your part to help prevent a similar incident from occurring by calling animal control to report the attack. The investigation they conduct might also contribute to the success of your own claim.

As your wound continues to heal, you should also document its progress with photos. A pain journal would also be helpful to document how the wound affected you or if it prevented you from performing any tasks or functions. The more evidence you have, the better.

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