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Broken Lights Could Cause a Negligent Security Case

Security negligence is not a legal issue that many business managers consider when evaluating maintenance responsibilities for their operation, but the failure to keep lights in proper working order can assuredly be central to any claim.

While this can apply to retail businesses, it can be more of a concern for rental companies that are required to provide reasonably safe walkways for tenants and their visitors. Not only can the safety of the occupants and visitors be a concern, but even parking security is also actually a very serious issue for many people who live in a large housing complex and are required to park their personal vehicle a long distance from their rental property.

Criminal acts can occur quickly and unexpectedly, whether it is a personal attack or a property damage issue, and even facilities that have video monitoring can be ineffective when broken lights prohibit identification of any perpetrators. Facility managers can easily be caught off guard when lights go out at inopportune times, however, it is their responsibility to ensure that these safety features are in working order at all proper times.

Proving Negligence

Regardless of the type of injury or damage suffered, it is always necessary for the plaintiff’s legal counsel to prove negligence on the part of the respondent party. This can be a difficult legal task even when a broken light reduces visibility in a parking or walking area where people move about in seclusion.

Even a fact as simple as failure to maintain repair records by the management staff can matter, but many times it takes witness testimony to support a claim of security negligence when individuals are injured due to a lack of security.

Level of Liability

While a third party could be ultimately responsible for damages in certain scenarios, the details of how the injury occurs makes a major difference, and the level of responsibility for the management group can vary.

A comparative fault defense is also common when individuals are injured, even in poorly illuminated areas, and a diligent negligent security attorney will focus on the full extent of liability when crafting a solid case for their client.

Potential Financial Recovery

Personal injury victims can typically receive compensation for medical bills and lost wages when they are unable to work, and possibly general damages for extended pain-and-suffering. The amount of compensation is generally commensurate with the resulting damage, but egregious cases of injury could result in a significant financial settlement for ongoing complications of the particular injuries.

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