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What Security Is Required for Parking Structures?

Parking structures can be particularly dangerous places for a variety of reasons, and individuals or management companies that are responsible for providing safety measures should always consider what could potentially happen when they fail to consider all scenarios.

While injuries can occur in parking structures with moving vehicles, security for persons and property is a serious issue as well. Parking structures can be enticing areas for criminals and attackers under the right conditions, and taking steps to make the area as safe as possible should be the focus of all management personnel.

There are three basic concerns parking structure managers should address when implementing a safety plan, but these three are by no means all issues that should be evaluated and secured.

Security Lighting

A negligent security attorney will usually be looking for evidence of failure to maintain a safe facility, including, at the very least, adequate lighting with very few hidden locations within the structure design. Lighting may be more important than any other aspect of keeping a parking structure safe, especially in large buildings or complexes where manpower may be limited for monitoring. In addition, well-positioned security guard checkpoints are always a sign of solid security because they generate a record of time visits by security personnel.

Video Surveillance

Video cameras can be one of the most essential pieces of evidence for a negligent security lawsuit. Video surveillance is typically taken to ensure security in a parking facility by providing live-stream footage of events within the structure. They can provide a visual record along with time stamping when an issue does arise, and cameras are often central to solving any criminal mischief, theft, or personal attack event when security guards are not present at the time of occurrence.

Floor Maintenance and Housekeeping

Personal injury attorneys assuredly understand the primary factors that can cause individuals to be injured in a parking facility, and failure to maintain walkways and overhangs are at the top of the list as well. Inclement weather can create wet and icy conditions that should always be addressed immediately when personal navigation can be treacherous, and overhead dangers should be repaired immediately as well.

If you are injured on a property that you thought you were safe on, a negligent security attorney will want to evaluate any video recording in an attempt to locate a culprit when situations arise, and any facility management team that is truly diligent concerning safety and damage control will have an effective video surveillance system in place. In addition, an attorney will work to obtain records of staying up-to-date with adequate lighting and maintenance of the structure.

Personal injury attorneys will always advise it is never a good decision to attempt handling a parking structure security claim personally. They can be complicated legal tasks when proving negligence is necessary. In Atlanta, always call Pratt Clay, LLC when you have a claim involving negligent security issues. We will fight to protect your rights and ensure you receive proper compensation for any injuries you sustained.

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