Examples of Adequate Security

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Negligent security is a big concern for Atlanta residents. People are hurt every day because property owners fail to provide adequate security that could thwart a violent crime. That raises an interesting question. What are some examples of adequate security?

Proving a negligent security claim requires that claimants (victims of a violent crime) demonstrate that they were allowed on the property, that they suffered serious injuries as a result of the crime, and that the crime would not have occurred or would be a lesser crime had there been better security.

That does not necessarily mean every business needs laser tripwires a

nd metal detectors at the door. The law only requires that businesses provide security that is reasonable for their location. That usually includes,


Reasonably, doors and windows should have locks. Next time you visit a business, check if they have locks on the doors. Even places that never close (such as gas stations and big-box stores) have locks.


A ringing alarm can cause would-be criminals to flee before anyone gets hurt. Alarms are effective at ending crimes in progress and warning people on the premises.


Most businesses have security cameras these days. However, it’s not enough for a business to have cameras. To meet the requirements of adequate security, the cameras must be closely monitored. That usually means hiring a trained security guard to monitor cameras throughout the night or even during business hours.


Next time you’re out at night, check how many businesses have their lights on. Many businesses keep their interior and exterior lights on throughout the night as a means of thwarting potential break-ins. If someone broke into the building, passersby could see criminals through the window.

Exterior lights significantly reduce violent crime. Crimes under a streetlight are far more obvious to potential witnesses than those in the dark.

If you were the victim of a violent crime while on someone else’s property, you might have a case. If you’d like an experienced Atlanta negligent security lawyer from Pratt Clay to evaluate your claim, please call 404-566-9460 or send us an email.