Negligent Security FAQ

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Q. What is Negligent Security?

A: Negligent security is a civil claim that allows someone who was hurt (or even killed) on another person’s property to file for damages and rightful compensation. Negligent security specifically refers to some pursuing damage for a violent crime (including wrongful death) that could have been a lesser crime or prevented entirely had there been better security measures.

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Q: What are Some Examples of Adequate Security?

A: Property owners and homeowners alike can ensure adequate security with the following installments:

· Locks on doors and windows

· Lights on inside and around the premises

· Primed security alarms

· Security Cameras

· Gates (Where applicable)

· Security Guards (Where applicable)

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Q: What is NOT Adequate Security?

Under Georgia law, property owners may not set traps or defend uninhabited property with deadly force. If someone is hurt or killed because of those security measures, the property owner may face criminal charges in addition to negligent security claims.

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Q: What About a Fake Security Camera?

A fake security camera does not contribute to adequate security. The camera must be real and monitored at the time of the crime to reduce the property owner’s liability.

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Q: How Can You Tell if Better Security Would Have Prevented the Crime?

That’s where an attorney comes in. When trying a negligent security case, an attorney looks at all the evidence in the case and puts the pieces together. They review police reports, study the scene of the crime and do all they can to determine whether lacking security measures allowed the crime to occur.

If you or someone you love suffered from a violent crime while on someone else’s property, you might have a case. If you’d like an experienced Atlanta negligent security lawyer from Pratt Clay to evaluate your claim, please call 404-566-9460 or send

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