Recent COVID-19 Updates from the World Health Organization

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The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 continues to be a significant health risk across all continents. In our blog, we recently shared some must-know safety tips from the World Health Organization (WHO). Please give it a read if you have not already.

Knowledge is power, and it is important to stay atop COVID-19 updates as they come. Thankfully, the WHO continues to provide free status reports, which it has compiled using COVID-19 research, spread, and treatment data from countries around the globe. Looking at their reports can give us all some insight into how the world is reacting and working to contain the virus.

Key pieces of information from the WHO March 27th, 2020 situation report:

  • 509,164 cases have been confirmed globally
  • 23,335 deaths have been confirmed globally
  • 136 countries are using additional health safety measures to disrupt the virus’ spread
  • G20 leaders have been called upon by the WHO to unite their countries’ efforts
  • United Nations announced a new Crisis Committee to evaluate the virus’ impact on international travel and trade
  • Newly reported cases began to lessen and level on March 18th, 2018
  • China’s new cases slowed significantly from prior weeks
  • Vaccine testing has begun trial stages in multiple countries

While the news about the coronavirus can be daunting with a cursory glance, it is important to look at the bigger picture. Professionals from all nations are doing their best to stop COVID-19. People from all walks of life are banding together to help those in need. There is hope on the horizon, and it is there because of our collective efforts.

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At Pratt Clay, our commitment to our community and clients is as strong as ever during this time. We also know that people throughout Atlanta still need the guidance of a personal injury attorney, so we have taken deliberate steps to stay open for business through the remote working of all our personnel, allowing us to stay at full capacity for our clients.

We have processes in place for social distancing and are following the guidance promulgated by the WHO and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We are continuing to work at full capacity, helping just as many clients as before. We have not slowed down in our pursuit of justice for each of our clients.

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