Dunwoody Apartment Complex Sued After Fatal Shooting on Premises

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In early April 2019, James Jones was fatally shot at Arrive Perimeter Apartments in Dunwoody, Georgia, north of Atlanta. The suspect would be identified as Roy McClendon-Thompson, who died in a truck accident shortly after the homicide while apparently trying to flee the scene. More than a year later, the Jones family is still grieving, but they are ready to seek closure by filing a wrongful death claim against the apartment complex.

The lawsuit claims that Arrive Perimeter Apartments management ignored warning signs that crime in the area was on the rise. Residents received no information regarding the uptick in crime, and no added security measures were implemented around the complex. The complaint states that even a step as simple as vetting visitors to the apartment complex could have helped prevent the fatal shooting. The lawsuit is seeking an unknown amount of damages.

Inadequate Security In & Around Apartment Complexes

Premises liability laws require property owners to take reasonable steps to prevent visitors, guests, customers, clients, and residents from preventable harm, including injuries and damages suffered due to criminal activity. If a property owner is found to have inadequate security around their property, then they could be held liable for onsite crimes. Apartment complexes and property management companies are certainly no exception to this rule.

How premises liability rules and the allegation of inadequate security measures will pan out in the Arrive Perimeter Apartments case is unclear. At this time, it appears that police have no witnesses to the fatal shooting, so it is not known what transpired beforehand. If the suspect and the victim met amicably but the situation turned violent, then the apartment complex might not be liable for damages caused due to an alleged lack of security.

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