Los Angeles Dodgers Sued for Negligent Security After Parking Lot Assault

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In late March 2019, a man was leaving Dodger Stadium after a game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks when he was assaulted by other baseball fans. The violent attack left him with a brain injury that required an extended hospital stay and medically induced coma. To this day, the brain injury continues to disable him in various ways, and he is expected to require years of rehabilitative therapy.

The victim’s wife is now suing the Los Angeles Dodgers in a premises liability claim that cites the stadium’s negligent security measures. According to the lawsuit, security personnel did not find the victim until at least 10 minutes after he was attacked, and they were unreasonably slow in getting him emergency medical attention. The lawsuit also argues that the attack was made possible due to the parking lot’s sparse lighting and even sparser amount of security guards.

The lawsuit notes that Dodger Stadium decided to reduce security staff back in 2008, including the elimination of inviting uniformed yet off-duty LAPD officers to games as a way to increase security awareness. Only three years after the security reduction, another man was attacked in the Dodger Stadium parking lot and also suffered severe brain damage in the attack. In that situation, the victim’s family successfully sued the L.A. Dodgers in a negligent security claim that included an $18 million judgment.

It is not known at this time how much the plaintiffs in the most recent case are seeking in damages. If you would like to know more about this ongoing story, you can click here for a full article from Claims Journal.

No Defendant is Too Big

The Los Angeles Dodgers are a recognizable name across the country and not just among baseball fans. The fact that the team is being challenged by yet another premises liability claim serves as an important lesson to any others who have been seriously injured due to the negligence of a major corporation or company: no defendant is too big to be above liability law. No matter who has caused or contributed to someone’s injury, they can and should be held accountable through an injury claim.

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