Did inadequate security in a parking lot lead to your assault?

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Just as you would take precautions to make sure that your family and anyone who visits your home remain safe, businesses and property owners should do the same. They owe you a duty of care, which includes taking steps to protect you from becoming the victim of an assault, robbery, abduction and other crimes.

Criminals tend to thrive in areas where targets are easy to find. For this reason, property owners and businesses need to take certain measures to make safe one of the places in which you are most vulnerable – the parking lot.

What security measures should be in parking lots?

Below are some of the security measures that could keep you safe as you enter or leave a business:

  • Something as simple as lighting could help prevent crime since most criminals prefer darkness so they cannot be seen. If the lighting in a parking lot is good, you have a better chance of being able to see your surroundings and other people in the lot.
  • It may surprise you to know that maintenance is an important part of security. Quickly replacing burned out bulbs and keeping shrubbery and other foliage from overgrowing could deny would-be criminals with places to hide and attack you.
  • Installing security cameras also helps deter criminal activity. If someone believes he or she is on camera, it is less likely an attack will occur.
  • Security patrols tend to further prevent criminal activity since people intent on causing you harm may not risk doing so if they know security is on the premises and could come by at any moment.
  • Parking lots should also have phones with a direct line to security, which may deter criminals and provide you with a quick way to receive help if you need it.
  • Businesses with security cameras, guards and other safety measures should place signs around the property, including in the parking lot, to let visitors and potential criminals know they are being watched.

If a property owner or business takes these steps, you could safely come and go from the property unmolested. However, in the absence of them, you could suffer serious harm. If that happens, you will most likely experience financial losses associated with the incident.

While you may seek justice through the criminal justice system against the person or people who caused you harm, you may also pursue compensation from the property owner or business that failed to protect you in civil court. If you can show that inadequate security lead to your current situation, then it may greatly benefit you to discuss it with an experienced Atlanta attorney.