Could the Murder of Bradly Jordan at Sugar Mill Apartments Been Avoided with More Security?

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Georgia Negligent Security Law May Allow Bradly Jordan’s Family an Opportunity to Pursue Justice

A homeless man accessed the grounds of Sugar Mill Apartments in Lawrenceville, Georgia on the morning of January 28, 2021 and fatally shot 23-year-old Bradly Jordan. According to police, Jordan was at the apartments for his job in pest control, and it is unclear why Wilson was on the property.

While apartment communities cannot be held responsible for the actions of every stranger who comes on property, when there is a pattern of uninvited guests accessing a community for nefarious purposes, the law requires property owners and managers to take reasonable steps to protect residents and invited guests.

A history of complaints

An online review of Sugar Mill Apartments complained of non-residents engaged in criminal behavior at the pool, and it claims that the gate is frequently broken.

Atlanta negligent security attorney Bradley Pratt says:

“A broken gate at an apartment complex is a bad sign because it suggests that management recognizes the need for access controls to keep uninvited guests out, but it demonstrates the property owners are not invested enough in safety to provide the required maintenance.”

It is up to the families of the victims of violent crime to stand up and demand justice for their lost loved ones. Using the civil justice systems, families can file suit against management companies and property owners who have failed to protect their tenants and invited guests from known threats. A service contractor performing his duties is an invited guest.

Justice for the family

Prosecutors in the criminal justice system may very well hold the shooter in this tragic murder accountable in a court of law, but that is unlikely to cause the apartment community to make needed upgrades to their security efforts. However, if the family can hold the owners and managers accountable in civil court, it might cost the apartment community, and their insurance companies, enough money to prompt meaningful changes to keep others from being victims of violent crime in the future.

By holding property owners and managers accountable, we can help make Atlanta safe, one community at a time.

The law firm of Pratt Clay has a history of helping families make multi-million dollar recoveries for wrongful death cases resulting from negligent security claims.

Proven Results

We have recovered millions for families who have lost loved ones to violent crime. We know the legal tactics insurance companies use to avoid responsibility, and we have developed the legal maneuvers to hold them to account.

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