Distracted truckers could be placing you at risk

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Drivers who are not paying attention to the safe operation of their vehicle above all else are at risk of causing an accident. Distracted drivers pose a risk to themselves and every other motorist on Georgia roads. Inattentive driving is not something that only affects average drivers. It is a troubling safety concern in the trucking industry as well.

Truckers are behind the wheel of large and heavy vehicles that are capable of causing a significant amount of damage, even in a low-speed collision. Truck drivers are responsible for the safe operation of their vehicles, and this includes avoiding distraction whenever possible. There are many things that could take a trucker’s attention, and they could all lead to a higher chance of a collision involving a semitrailer.

Common distractions

Like any other driver, truckers may be more susceptible to distraction caused by cell phones. Whether it’s talking on the phone, texting or scrolling social media, phones are as tempting to truckers as other drivers. Consider the following from a survey of commercial drivers:

  • Over 71% admit to having accessed social media and the internet while driving a commercial vehicle.
  • Others say they have used FaceTime or video chat features while driving, and most say this is distracting.
  • Most distraction is because of the inappropriate use of technology while driving.

Truckers can lower the chance that they may drive while distracted by leaving extra time in their schedules. When they aren’t rushed, they may be less likely to try and multitask while behind the wheel. Truckers should also set navigational systems before they leave so they don’t have to attempt to program a GPS while driving. It is also helpful to simply put the phone away or out of reach while operating any type of vehicle.

Responsibility of actions

All drivers are responsible for the choices they make while behind the wheel, whether it’s a large semitrailer or a regular car. If you suspect your truck accident was the result of the negligent or reckless operation of the semitrailer, you could have legal options available to you.

Through a civil claim, you may be able to recoup losses, secure damages and hold the liable party accountable. These cases can be time-sensitive, and it may be beneficial to begin this process as soon as possible after an accident involving a large commercial truck.