Check for security cameras if harmed on business property

On Behalf of | May 21, 2021 | Negligent Security |

Whether you work outside of your home or are visiting a business for a personal reason, you want to know that any building you enter is safe. Additionally, business owners and operators have an obligation to ensure that their premises do not pose any unnecessary safety or security risks to individuals on the property, which could include workers, patrons or visitors.

Of course, not every Atlanta business owner does what is necessary to keep individuals safe, and you could face the risk of coming to harm if an owner or operator does not have security measures in place. A variety of methods could help prevent crime and harm, but serious problems could arise if those options are not in use.

The benefits of security cameras

One popular option among owners of various types of property is security cameras. These cameras could help deter crime in general because unscrupulous parties are less likely to commit crimes if someone is watching or recording them. Cameras could also be helpful to victims of crimes if they catch a criminal act, such as an assault or robbery. The footage could act as evidence to charge or possibly convict someone of a crime.

These days, business owners have numerous options when it comes to choosing the right type of camera system for their company. If an owner feels like a security system with all the bells and whistles — like facial recognition, Wi-Fi connection or sensitive motion sensors — would prove too expensive, less costly options exist that could still improve the security of a location.

Legal issues for lacking cameras

While business owners may not have a legal requirement to have security cameras, laws exist that hold property owners and operators liable for unsafe or unsecured premises. As a result, if you find yourself as the victim of a crime on commercial property, you may want to look into whether the business had taken proper security measures to prevent the crime. One place to start could be to determine whether the owner had any security cameras in place.

If an investigation determines that inadequate security played a role in the harm you suffered, you may have reason to hold the business owner and operators liable for that negligence. Gaining information on your legal options may help you decide whether this type of action could suit your circumstances.