Truckers should prioritize properly loaded cargo

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Semitrailers are large and heavy vehicles that have the potential to cause significant damage in the event of an accident. Even in a low-speed accident, these trucks can leave smaller vehicles with significant damage and their occupants with serious injuries. One of the most common contributing factors in many truck accidents is improperly loaded cargo.

When it is not loaded properly, cargo has the potential to affect the ease with which a truck driver can control the vehicle. Poorly loaded trucks are more likely to cause accidents that can lead to the harm of innocent people. This is why it is the responsibility of truckers and trucking companies to prioritize loading trucks safely and according to regulations.

Time and effort

It obviously takes time and effort to properly load cargo, a step that some companies may skip in order to transport goods faster. When trucks are not loaded well or the cargo is not secure before the vehicle moves, it can shift while in transport. This can cause a loss of control. The most common problems with loads in semitrailers include:

  • The center of gravity is too high because the load is stacked too tall, making a turnover accident more likely.
  • There is overloading in the cargo area, making it more likely that the truck will have trouble braking and making turns safely.
  • The load is unbalanced, making it more likely the truck will tip over and the driver will lose control if the load shifts.
  • The load is not secure before the vehicle moves, allowing the cargo to shift during transport.

Truckers must ensure that they are safe to leave with their trucks by ensuring the safe loading of all cargo. Trucking companies can prioritize this effort by requiring pre-transport inspections, weighing the trucks, regularly maintaining their semitrailers and requiring regular inspections of the cargo area during long transport trips.

Are you a victim?

If you are a victim of an accident caused by a semitrailer, it is possible what happened to you is the result of improperly loaded cargo. You could have grounds to hold the trucking company accountable through a civil claim. The Georgia civil justice system provides you a way to seek recompense for your losses, including your property damage, medical bills, and pain and suffering.