Property owners have the ability to help prevent violent crimes

by | Jun 4, 2021 | Make Atlanta Safe |

It’s no secret that Atlanta residents have to worry about violent crimes on a daily basis. Crime adds quite a bit to the stress of living in a big city, and regular people who just want to go about their daily lives are, unfortunately, the principal victims. But property owners and managers of commercial and residential buildings have specific actions that they can take to make Atlanta significantly safer for all of its residents.

Find out where the crime is occurring

Every property owner has access to free and easy steps they can take to increase the security of their properties. For example, they can go to their local police station and fill out an open records request form. The police will then give them a record of all of the violent crimes that have occurred on the premises. This can help the property owner to identify where – and how – the crimes are occurring, and how to stop them.

For example, if the police report of your building shows that a particular stairwell has consistently been the site of muggings, assaults or drug use, you can install additional lights and cameras in that stairwell to discourage criminals from returning to the scene to repeat their bad acts.

Install the proper technology

Thorough illumination of a property can have a tremendous impact on crime. A study conducted in high-crime areas of New York City determined that index crimes – which include robbery, aggravated assault and murder – decreased by 36% in the area when proper lighting was installed.

In addition, cameras are a low-cost solution that provide an enormous return on your investment. Not only will the presence of the cameras deter many criminals, but it will allow you to capture video evidence of crimes that they do commit on your property, so that you can help your residents to hold them accountable for their crimes. This can also benefit you if you want to bring a lawsuit to recoup the costs of property damage, such as vandalism or arson.

There is no surefire way to end crime in a big city. But individual property owners are in a unique position to help law enforcement to reduce incidences of violent crime on their own premises.