Speeding is a major factor in many truck accidents

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Truck accidents can lead to significant damage and severe injuries for Georgia victims. These incidents are often catastrophic for individuals who are in smaller and more vulnerable vehicles, and truck drivers have the responsibility to be as safe as reasonably possible while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, many of these accidents are preventable and the result of some type of negligent or reckless action.

One of the most common factors in many truck accidents is speed. This can greatly increase the chance of an accident, and it can make it more likely that serious damage will occur. Anyone who is a victim of this type of collision could have grounds to pursue legal compensation through a civil claim. If you think you have a claim, it may help to learn how speed could have played a role in what happened to you.

A safety problem

Statistics indicate that speed remains one of the most common factors in truck accidents, despite its known dangers. It is one of the main safety concerns in the trucking industry, with drivers assuming that going over the speed limit will help them reach their destination faster. Consider the following facts about speeding and its impact on driver safety:

  • Speeding burns more fuel, significantly decreasing the fuel efficiency of commercial trucks.
  • Numbers suggest more people are dying in motor vehicle accidents caused by speed than in the past.
  • Speeding often means tires are not performing at their best or safest level, which can cause a higher chance of a collision.

Truckers and trucking companies may face pressure to deliver loads as quickly as possible. The need to arrive at the destination on time may lead to a higher likelihood of speeding, a habit that can be especially dangerous for someone operating a vehicle that is significantly bigger and heavier than most vehicles on the road.

Are you a victim?

If you are the victim of a truck accident, you do not have to walk through the aftermath alone. It is possible you have grounds to pursue compensation through a civil claim filed against the liable party. These cases are time-sensitive, which is why it is in your interests to pursue this option as quickly as possible. After an accident, you may benefit from an assessment of your case in order to understand the legal options available to you.