Tips for avoiding truck accidents

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Whether you frequently find yourself in heavy traffic that includes tractor-trailers on your way to and from work or you merely encounter massive big rigs occasionally in your travels, if a truck driver with whom you’re sharing the road is not mindful of safety or disregards traffic laws, you’re at great risk for injury.

You have no way of knowing when the last time a particular driver pulled over to rest might have been. You also have no way of knowing whether he or she has adhered to the regulations regarding how many consecutive hours a truck driver in Georgia can stay on the road.

Truck drivers can improve safety with these tips

Getting enough rest is not only a top priority for truck drivers, it’s the law. In addition to this important issue, the following list shows numerous ways that tractor-trailer drivers can reduce their chances of a collision:

  • Truck drivers must keep a safe distance between their rigs and other vehicles.
  • They should never navigate lane changes without being mindful of blind spots.
  • Drivers of big rigs should always maintain proper brake maintenance and safety.
  • A truck driver should act with caution if taking medication or prescription drugs, especially those with labels warning against driving.
  • Truckers should never exceed posted speed limits.
  • If a truck driver feels drowsy, he or she should safely pull off the road to rest.
  • It’s best to always go slow through work zones.

It makes sense that, even if a truck driver has allowable hours left to travel, if he or she is feeling sleepy, it’s best to pull off the road and take a rest. While you don’t have restrictions about the number of hours you can drive in a row when you’re behind the wheel of a car, it’s logical to assume that it’s safer to pull over if you’re tired than to keep going.

If a truck driver hits you on a Georgia roadway

Sadly, truck accidents often result in fatalities or catastrophic injuries. If you survive a collision with a tractor-trailer, you may have to navigate a long, arduous recovery. In fact, if your injuries are severe, they might leave you with a permanent disability, especially if it involves your spine or a traumatic brain injury.

It’s understandable that you might experience frustration or anger upon learning that a truck driver’s negligence caused the collision that resulted in your injuries. The grief of such situations always intensifies when evidence proves that the accident was preventable were it not for someone’s negligence. Many recovering victims seek restitution from those responsible for their injuries by filing a claim in civil court.