Parking lot safety tips for business owners

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If you work in a busy metropolitan area, you might be one of many people in Georgia and beyond who use a commercial parking lot every day or, at least, several times per week. It’s no secret that parking lots can be unsafe places. Assaults often take place in such locations, for instance. Also, if a parking lot owner has not taken appropriate safety measures, you might be at risk for injury, such as tripping over a curb or crack in the concrete in a poorly lit area.

When you walk through or park your vehicle in a commercial parking lot, you can reasonably expect that the business owner in question has done everything possible to maintain a safe environment for workers and guests. Lighting is one of the most important safety features. If you have to walk to your car at night and the area is poorly lit, it’s definitely an issue to address with your employer.

Things that business owners can do to improve parking lot safety

In addition to making sure a parking lot is well-lit, a business owner can keep workers and visitors safe by being diligent in the areas mentioned in the following list as well:

  • Making sure the area is clear of snow and ice during inclement weather
  • Checking the parking lot for debris, such as garbage, rocks and construction materials
  • Filling in cracks and potholes in a timely manner
  • Posting warning signs in hazardous areas
  • Maintaining proper drainage in surrounding areas

When you show up for work or to shop at a particular business, it’s not your job to make sure the parking lot is safe. As an employee or guest, you should be able to enter the premises with confidence that the owner of the parking lot has taken proper measures to maintain safety for workers and visitors.

Report hazards, danger and injuries to your employer

If you notice a specific hazard or issue that is causing danger in the parking lot where you work, it’s always best to bring the matter to your employer’s attention through appropriate channels of communication. An employer should always take a worker’s safety concerns seriously.

A business owner can be held accountable if his or her negligence creates an unsafe parking lot environment that results in injury to a worker or guest. If your employer or a store owner has failed to make a reasonable attempt to keep a parking lot safe, a person who suffers injury as a result may seek restitution in a civil court.